Acrylic Painting

acrylic paintingIt’s safe to say that people love all different types of artwork. Painting, sculptures, and architecture are just a few of the ways that people have found to express themselves by creating visual art. I’ve found that painting is what interests me the most, and particularly acrylic painting. There’s an air present that I just can’t put my finger on, but it speaks to me in ways one can’t really imagine or explain secondhand. The abstract ideas in a lot of the artwork that I’ve found are alluring, and confuse me as much as enthrall me. My own abilities as an acrylic artist keep me humble and modest. Some might think what I do is fantastic, and I really appreciate it; yet others may find my work is not worthy of such accolades. Different interpretation leads to different opinions. Regardless, I can really appreciate some of the better acrylic paintings I’ve come into contact with. Some people might not understand the ideas behind the paintings. Or think that it’s just a waste of time or, dare I say it, think it’s just bad. Of course, they couldn’t be farther from the truth. Every piece of artwork that is designed and produced is an important reflection on the artist and takes a lot of time, effort, and soul to produce. Many people don’t understand that and think that many artists are just people with no drive to succeed at anything and just produce artwork like it’s a joke. I can tell by looking at acrylic paintings that this couldn’t be farther from the truth, and people should definitely recognize it as well.

The main thing about these acrylic paintings and other acrylic art that makes me so interested, is the dedication and purity in the artwork. There’s a lot of artists out there who want to have the heart that many acrylic artists have but just aren’t able to communicate that level of feeling in their artwork. At least that’s how I feel. Some might think I could possibly be over stating the significance or importance of these acrylic artist who product such great abstract acrylic paintings, but I think that an attention to these details are what makes the field of art stand out from everything else. Finding something about each painting that speaks to me isn’t hard to do at all. Finding these beautiful pieces of acrylic artwork, the paintings,  and any other abstract work, is a goal and something that I feel is just worthy of attention.

You are invited to take a look of some acrylic paintings I made, including a few pencil drawings.
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Haia Shouster.

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